The Depravity, Deception and Demise of False Teachers, 2 Peter 2:10-22

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Introductory thoughts…

  1. In the last two lessons

    1. The foundation of our precious faith is not cleverly contrived fables but eyewitness testimony and fulfilled prophecy given by God.

    2. False teachers will come and cause problems, yet they will be judged by God.

  2. In this lesson Peter further describes the depravity and deceptive practices of false teachers and shows their ultimate end.

The depravity of the false teachers, II Peter 2:10-16

  1. They are fleshly and despise authority, vv.10,13a

    1. Their only concern is how to satisfy their fleshly desires, and do so openly and wantonly, v.10, 12a, Php. 3:8-9, Jude 1:18, 2 Peter 3:3

    2. They despise any authority that would tell them not to do so and speak maliciously of them. Not even the angels do so, vv. 10-11.

    3. They are not better than animals, v. 12.

    4. They are doomed, v. 13a, Matt. 6:23, John 3:19.

  2. They openly pursue their lusts at “church events”, vv. 13-14, 1 Thes. 4:3-7

    1. Their lascivious intentions evident in their eyes, Matt. 5:28.

    2. They beguile the unstable.

  3. They are covetous and follow the way of Balaam, vv. 14b-16

The Deception of False Teachers, II Peter 2:17-19

  1. They promise satisfaction but do not deliver it, v.17, Eccl. 2:11, Isa. 55:2

  2. They deceive through impressive vocabulary and the promise to satisfy the cravings of the flesh, v.18, Eccl. 10:13, Rom. 16:18, Titus 1:10-11.

  3. They promise liberty but deliver their followers into slavery, v.19, John 8:34, Rom. 6:16.

The demise of false teachers, II peter 2:20-22

  1. Latter end is worse than if they had never been saved! v.20, Heb. 10:26-31, Luke 11:24-26.

  2. They knew the Lord and the way of righteousness. This means they fully knew it by experience, vv. 20-21

  3. That which poisoned the dog and he vomits up, he then turns to eat it again! The washed pig goes back to the mire and manure! v.22


  1. Many think only positive sermons should be preached while ignoring false teaching and sins of the flesh. Peter did not do so, nor should we.

  2. We need to go back to his admonition in 1:10 to make our calling and election sure so that we do not fall into such deceptions of the false teachers.

  3. We need to be on guard for the sake of other Christians who may not be stable in their faith.

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